Ohana Kauaua was established in 1979 as a Non-Profit Genealogy Organization by our founder Cecilia Kailaa Hatsumi Naganuma Freeman (1911 – 1990) and Elizabeth Mae Kapeka Pihana Morton (1922 – 1991) our first President and genealogist.

Elder Dennis Neuenschwander of the LDS Church has been quoted as saying –

“A life that is not documented is a life that within a generation or two will largely be lost to memory.  What a tragedy this can be in the history of a family. Knowledge of our ancestors shapes us and instills within us values that give direction and meaning to our lives”

Besides having an ohana reunion every 2 years so that we may reach out to one another and strengthen our bonds and learn more about our ohana – it is our goal and mission to document the lineage of the five descendants of Kelii-O-Nahuawai Kauaua and Kauai-O-Kalani Kanae.

(1)  Papai (2) Kamaka (3) Puupuu (4) Apuakahei and (5) Moeloa.  The children were born on the island of Maui, in the district of Honua’ula

Papai (1808) married husband Job Piena

Kamaka (1810) married husband John Kamakee Kuhaulua

Puupuu (1812) married wife Kalino Kailiponau

Apuakahei (1813) married husband Kahui-o-keaumiki

Moeloa (1814) married husband Mataio Kaivi (aka) Kaiwi

Kauaua Family Crest

“During the early sixteenth century, Kauaua’nui’a mahi was an ali’I’aimoku (district chief) of Kohala on the island of Hawai’i.  He was the father of the high ruling chief Alapa’i and the great grandfather of Kamehameha I.


The Kauaua Family crest is a contemporary design utilizing traditional Hawaiian emblems of royalty.

The ‘Ahu’ula, a cloak made of delicate rare feathers, signifies the right of authoritative rule.  The Mahiole, a feathered arched helmet, denotes divine power.  The crossed Pulo’lo’u (taboo sticks) is a sign of chiefly consecration.  The Petroglyph figure depicts a rainbow overhead, reinforcing the theme of royal decent.”  (Concept and artwork by David Parker)

Kauaua Family Song

Thank God for our ‘ohana, the children of Kauaua
The Keiki of the homeland, the fruits of tender care
The many friendly laughters, light up their faces fair
Because God smiles as always, on those He loves so dear

Hui: We’re proud to be a part, of this old family line
We learn to love, to share abroad and gather from afar
Our hearts are linked together, our lips are sealed forever
Because we are a family, the ‘ohana of Kauaua…

Past & Present Ohana President

Jerry Freeman (President 1990 – 2222)

Chris Ann Apo Kiriu (President 19999 – 21111

Doreen Labatte (President 2011 – Present)